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Wretched Graugs are a subspecies of Graug encountered in the Lord of the Hunt downloadable content.

Every member of this vile sub-race was once a normal Graug, but an excessive consumption of the Ghûls' toxic bile transformed them into an even more monstrous abomination, covered in patches of green fur, new horns, tumors, and an enormous sac in the Graug's throat.


Lord of the Hunt[]

Beware the Wretched Graug! This lumbering monstrosity has been greatly impacted by the flood of scavenging Ghûls that have spread throughout Mordor. As their traditional food sources have dwindled, the Wretched Graug has made do by consuming huge quantities of the nightcrawlers. Often scooping the creatures up and devouring them by the handful, the poisonous innards of the Ghûls has taken its toll on these Graugs, riddling them with infections from head to toe. Hair grows where there previously was none, new horns protrude from its skin, fresh tumors appear, and a gigantic sac filled with vile poison develops at the base of the throat.


The Wretched Graug's metabolism remains unstable. When provoked, it will often vomit sickening and burning bile onto threats below. After freshly ingesting enough flesh, its poisonous sac becomes taut with rancid pressure. The Graug relieves the discomfort by spitting the noxious build-up at a high velocity, usually towards anything hostile and moving.


The Wretched Graug's most notable ability is the ability to shoot his projectile vomit at enemies at a range in front of him. This vomit will also inflict splash damage and poison any enemies that survive the initial blast. However, each time this attack is used, the Graug will lose a small amount of health.

Wretched Graugs can also vomit a pool in a small semi-circular radius directly in front of him, both directly damaging enemies in range and poisoning anything that steps into the poisonous pool. This pool of vomit usually lasts around 10 seconds.

Like other species of Graug, the Wretched Graug can also use his hands to grab Uruks in order to restore health. Any other enemies caught in a swinging arm's path will get knocked back and stunned briefly.


Wretched Graugs can be rarely found in the wild, wreaking havoc against other wandering enemies. They can also be found in various caves or summoned by shooting Wretched Graug Bait.


  • One notable member of this unnatural species (affectionately named "Stompy") would be tamed and kept as a mount by Beastmaster Ugakuga Graug Rider. The beast and his master would later be slain at the hands of the Gravewalker.