Were-wyrms are creatures from the Desolation of Mordor DLC of Middle-earth: Shadow of War. They are aggressive predators that cannot be tamed.


Vicious predators, were-wyrms live underground in tunnels beneath the desert landscape of Lithlad. Hunting in great numbers, they await their prey (Orcs, Men, Caragors) before they break through the sand and crush it's victim before eating it. 

In Desolation of Mordor, were-wyrms can be encountered in both open-world and story where they attack Baranor, his companions or Sauron's army. The greatest were-wyrm is called by the Orcs: The Rumbler.


  • Were-wyrms are based upon Tolkien's were-worms that were mentioned in The Hobbit to have lived in the Last Desert. Their appearance is that of the creatures used by Sauron and his lieutenants to dig up tunnels for his army to pass in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.
  • Oddly enough, Were-wyrms only appear in Lithlad when playing as Baranor. When visiting Lithlad as Talion, the subterranean predators cannot be found in said region.


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