Weathered Azurite Figurine, The Two Istari is an artifact that can be found in Sea of Núrnen. It is, as described, a small azurite statuette carved in the image of the Blue Wizards, likely by a member of one of the magical cults they helped found during their travels in Mordor.


The Weathered Azurite Figurine, The Two Istari artifact can be found at Núrnen Peninsula, in the north-western part of Sea of Núrnen.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Weathered Azurite Figurine, the Blue Istari, Late Second Age

This crudely carved figurine depicts two enigmatic wizards who came to Mordor hunting a great evil. Although the pair likely never escaped the cursed realm, their exploits were well detailed and may have inspired the creation of magical cults throughout Middle-earth.

Memory AudioEdit

"See, there were two of them, and they both came in from the road with a hard look in their eyes, as if they'd traveled too far and seen too much. They were Wizards, true, both of 'em caked in dust, and when one'd talk he'd stop to think and there'd be the other to finish right up, like they had one brain and two mouths. It was creepy for sure, but neither seemed to notice.

I heard them say they were hunting the darkness. Damned if I know if they found it. But I guess those fellows can find trouble when they're looking for it."

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