we have some great ideas for Shadow of Mordor sequel. First one is difficulty of game: Easy, Normal and Hard. Difficulties have different powers of orcs. Easy: 1-20 (like in first game). Normal: 10-25 and Hard: 15-30. However everything will increase power with harder difficulty. We think it can be cool new class of orcs. For example scouts, who are hidden in bushes and report you for the nearest captain and he will instantly attack you. Your uruks can´t be slavers Next: new creatures: trolls and great beasts. Please add Shadow Brand ability from Bright Lord. New locations and bigger map. It shall be nice when you can´t execute or brand your uruk when you fighting with group of enemies and when some ordinary orc kills some captain he will be promoted to captain. Torvin can again be in story. Btw. there are so much bugs, try to fix them please. What about resurrection from some rare materials. For example skull of Graug... Saving branded animals and nametags...

And the BEST thing for us will be Multiplayer. They can be some oficial servers 5 players for warchiefs vs. 5players for rangers. Max. power of Warchiefs will be 25 and for rangers 20. Rangers do not have wraith abilities agains real players.  You can choose your look, class, weakness, hate and fear. Uruks also can chose if they kill ranger or leave battle when the ranger is down. In multiplayer will be Captains bots. We will be really happy when will be multiplayer! 

Next DLC can be sequel of Lord of the Hunt or story of Hirgon or Lithariel or Black Captains (one DLC with three parts)...

Sorry for my English and good bye.

P.S.: We really appreciate collectors edition and we think we are not alone.

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