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Update: The Test of Speed Challenge is now over!

Congratluations to the winners:


  • Legendary-Stash
  • Chromaticism
  • shiche

Xbox One:

  • x KLEP x
  • BigHeadlines
  • Camping Random

This Friday, we're officially kicking off the Test of Speed Challenge Weekend!

Running from this Friday at 9am Pacific, to 9pm Pacific this Sunday, it's up to youost your absolute best times in the Test of Speed Challenge. Those that are able to make their way onto the top of the Test of Speed Leaderboards will be immortalized here in this very post on Wikia, on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and even featured in our in-game message of the day.

Will you be at the top of the leaderboards? Get the Test of Speed DLC now on your digital storefront of choice.

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