Celebrimbor’s story has only just begun to be told. With the upcoming release of The Bright Lord there’s much more to discover, and during this adventure it might be wise to have a co-pilot. To handle those duties, we recommend Palantir for iPad, a joint effort of Wikia, WB Games, Monolith Productions, and you, the members of our incredible community. Here’s a few reasons why you should load up your iPad with Palantir today:

Stay in Sync with your current game 
At any time during an in-game cutscene, Palantir’s Sync Mode can tell you much, much more. Whether you want to learn about a character, a location, or even one of our official videos, Sync Mode can listen to what’s happening and provide you with all the latest information, straight from Wikia.

It was made by you
Wikia is a lexicon of knowledge, all powered by you. Every page, every edit, every image, is here because of your dedication to making this the best community it can be. And with Palantir, gaining access to every last bit of it is only a few taps away. Hear an Uruk talking about Durthang? Find out what it once was, long ago. Or, find out the origin of Talion’s name, discover some of Celebrimbor’s other works, or even other notable events in Middle-earth’s history.

It keeps track of every Uruk you’ve slain
…among other things! Thanks to Palantir’s advanced stat tracking, you can get an in-depth look at all the mayhem you’ve let loose on Mordor. (Note that in order to gain access to this feature, you’ll have to be logged into your WBPlay account in Shadow of Mordor and Palantir.)

It can show you what’s happening in the game right now
If you’ve got Palantir open while you’re playing Shadow of Mordor, you’ll also have access to an up-to-date map of every point of interest in your current zone – including your very own location. Use this to help track down those last few Ithildin, quickly find your next Power Struggle, or just get the rundown on what your next mission will be. (Same as before, note that in order to gain access to this feature you’ll have to be logged into your WBPlay account in Shadow of Mordor and Palantir.)

It’s already yours
If you’ve got an iPad running iOS 7 or later, you’ve already got access to Palantir. It’s FREE, on the App Store, right here.

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on Palantir right now, and make sure you get the most out of Shadow of Mordor and The Bright Lord on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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