20170331 stream

This week on MonolithLive , we're going to continue with what we're making a tradition.

This Friday we'll once again be joined by VP of Creative, Michael de Plater for a quick chat. He's quite enjoyed answering your questions live, so he's decided to make Twitch a regular part of his Friday. But, remember – his time is limited! Get there early. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

After that, we'll be shouting out the fastest among you live on Twitch – and, we'll kick-off our next challenge. Last time, you took up the mantle of the Test of Speed , but this time around you're going to be removing our ability to use Talion's sword, dagger, or bow. Think we're up for it?

See you this Friday. Same Monolith time, same Monolith place: 2 PM Pacific/ 5 PM Eastern , on our Twitch Channel .

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