The beautiful Pacific Northwest is where Monolith Productions calls home. And, every year, the Penny Arcade Expo, Prime Edition, opens its doors to gamers from all around the world that come to check out their favorite games, panels, and concerts right here in Seattle. We couldn't be more excited for it.

This year attendees of PAX Prime 2014 will get the opportunity to get hands-on time with Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, and make a Nemesis of their own (our booth is located at Booth #1640). As if that isn't awesome enough, there are a few ways you can get some PAX exclusive swag.

  • Face your nemesis: We'll have two Uruks wandering the halls at PAX. Take a selfie and share it socially for a chance at getting an exclusive t-shirt!
  • Get branded: We'll also have a chance for PAX attendees to get branded! Get branded and wear it proud, because you never know when you'll be called upon to fight.
  • PAX from home: Pay attention to our Twitter handle, because we'll be running a sweepstakes for those tuning in from home.

Interested in hearing about how the Nemesis System will evolve storytelling in Shadow of Mordor? Then make some time on Monday, September 1st, at 1:30 pm. In the Hedgehog Theater, you can drop in and listen to Bob Roberts (Lead Gameplay Designer), Christian Cantamessa (Lead Writer), Matt Rice (Engineering Manager), Troy Baker (Talion), and Alexa Ray Corriea (Reporter, Polygon) discuss our bold step into next-gen storytelling.

Come by and see us!

And even if you aren't attending the show, worry not. We're going to be keeping everyone posted on the latest through our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, and right here on Wikia.

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