Black Gate in game

The Black Gate

The Black Gate is one of Middle-earth's most recognizable sights. But, despite being very well known, there's still a lot to learn about it. That's why we're inviting you to get involved, and share your knowledge about it, and help quench the eternal thirst for wisdom. We're pulling together little known facts about The Black Gate and, as many of you are Middle-earth scholars in your own right, we'd like to call on your knowledge and ask you to help us collect as many facts as possible.

What’s something you know, that hardly anybody else does? Let us know!

In order to contribute, first create a Wikia account and log in so that we can reference your user name when we share these facts with others. Then, leave a comment below with: 

  • A short paragraph that covers a fact about The Black Gate or its history. The more obscure, the better!
  • An image that fits your topic, and of course, the image source. Show the world what you’re talking about.
  • Sources for your information! If anyone wants to dig deeper, we don’t want to add any barriers.

We're going to gather the best facts, polish them up, and share them with the world via a blog post here on the Shadow of Mordor Wikia.

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