Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor takes place in Mordor, The Land of Shadow, during a time that's never been seen before. Sauron has only just returned to The Black Land, and much of its old-world charm is still intact. And due to that, the art team here at Monolith had a chance to reimagine Mordor and explore what it looked like before Mount Doom scarred the land.

Udûn concept art

“We use all the tools available to us as artists to invoke that emotional response from the player. Palette, lighting, atmosphere, and silhouette are all part of communicating a sense of immersion and overall tone,” said Art Director, Philip Straub, when describing this early look at Udûn, just one area within Mordor that you'll explore in-game. “During the time in which our story takes place, Mordor is in great transition. To feed his growing war machine, Sauron and his forces have begun their offensive on the land and its inhabitants. The air has turned thick with the atmosphere of industrialization and climate change.”

What stands out to you in this piece of concept art?

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