You, the esteemed members of the Shadow of Mordor community have already done wonders to this very Wikia. You've added over 100 pages of content, and we can't wait to see what else you do as we march forward into Mordor. But, if you're new here and curious as to what you can do to help, here's a quick rundown of some simple first steps to take.

1) Peruse the content generated by the Wikia community

Create. Collaborate. Be Original. These are the primary tenants of Wikia. All of the content on Wikia has been contributed by a community member. Take a look through Shadow of Mordor and see what other people have found contributed to our community.

2) Add facts, images, videos to the community

Add to the Shadow of Mordor community. If you find something interesting, chances are other community members will, too. Make your mark on a page where you can improve upon it, or even create a new page with information you think is missing! Remember, everything out here is subject to peer review. You're now a peer reviewer.


3) Post on our forums

Do you have opinions? Share them on our forums, right here. Join us there for opportunities to make your voice heard and to engage in stirring discussion with your fellow Shadow of Mordor fans.


4) Download Palantir – and add to it

Every piece of content you add to the Shadow of Mordor Wikia has a chance to be seen in the Palantir app. We've just updated Palantir with a new sync point that was contributed by one of your very own, and you can find it just around 0:27 in the Banished from Death trailer. Learn more about Palantir right here.


5) Follow, and chat with us, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Stay up to date on all things Shadow of Mordor. You can find our official Facebook page here, our official Twitter handle here, and our official Instagram here. These are also great places for you to ask us questions directly.


We're continually thrilled to see your contributions to our community. Have any other questions, or suggestions, on what can be done to make your mark out here? Speak up in the comments below!

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