The power of the Wraith has amplified Talion's abilities, and granted him many more. Among those, his ability to navigate the world has changed significantly.

Here are a few ways you won't be simply walking into Mordor.

1) Make a rapid descent

No matter the elevation, the powers of the Wraith have granted you the ability to leap from higher heights than any mortal could. Whether you're escaping a fight, you're dropping down on an unsuspecting foe for a kill, or you're departing one of the mysterious towers hidden around Mordor, you won't have to slow down due to a cumbersome descent.


2) Employ Celebrimbor's Elven agility

Using Celebrimbor's speed, Talion will now be able to make his fleet feet far more capable than ever before. As you spend time mastering your abilities and growing your strength, you'll be able to gain strategic bursts of speed, allowing you to navigate the world more efficiently, escape danger with ease, or chase down a fleeing Uruk Captains.


3) Close the gap with Shadow Strike

The Shadow Strike ability will allow Talion to traverse great distances in the blink of an eye. Using it you can teleport right next to an enemy Uruk to incapacitate them, or if you prefer, kill them outright. Or if you're strong enough, you can even use this power to dominate and mount a swift Caragor, or a mighty Graug.


4) Ride into battle atop a Caragor

Caragors are the lions of Middle-earth. These feline beasts have earned their spot near the top of Mordor's food chain, and their quick thinking and fierce jaws make them a formidable opponent to even the most powerful warriors that Sauron's army has to offer. Using the Wraith's domination power, you can mount a Caragor and use them to run and climb skillfully, and even let them fight alongside you in battle.


5.) Make Sauron's army tremble in front of your Graug

The mighty Graugs of Mordor are beasts feared by anyone that's even heard their name. When your power grows great enough you can use the abilities of the Wraith to dominate them and make them your own. Riding them into battle, you'll become a wanton force of destruction, able to take on entire forces. Or, if you'd prefer, you can dismount the dominated beast and let it fight for you.


These are only a few of the abilities that Talion will be imbued with, thanks to the Wraith. How will you use them to bend Mordor to your will?

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