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GameInformer has just released their third piece of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor coverage, a biography of the protagonist Talion, a loyal member of the Rangers of Gondor.

The article talks about the contrast between on the one side the Rangers of the North, a reclusive group of scouts who steer clear of the civilizations they protect, and on the other end of the spectrum the Nazgûl, the twisted ringwraiths who serve Sauron. As Talion is both a ranger and a wraith, this creates an interesting opportunity for the narrative and gameplay for Monolith.

He reawakens from death, and there is this spirit of vengeance within him," says Michael de Plater, director of design. "[The wraith is] the main [force] that gives him the power to not only continue to move in the world that he's familiar with, the physical world, but now to see into the world that is normally unseen - into the wraith world.

Click here for the full biography, or read our updated article on Talion where we've collected the information.

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