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So how did everyone enjoy the new trailer? What where your thoughts and reactions? Like most of you guessed the identity of the Wraith is Celebrimbor! Im excitied to hear your reactions to this release! It adds so much more lore to SoM and was a great idea in my personal opinon. If you pay close attention to the trailer you can see and hear that Talion is struggling with what he wants to do i.e. get revenge or let it be. It seems as though Celebrimbor is arguing with Talion to go seek revenge for the murder of his family. Another intresting topic is the fact that there will be somewhat of a grey area here. Depending on the route you take to complete the game, different outcomes can occur! More details on that TBA. We also were able to unveil some more known characters such as Gollum! What did you guys think? He seemed frighten by the Wraith and was not very agressive like he usually is when the precious is brought up! He could end up being a friend or foe. As Talion does not trust him and I am assuming Celebrimbor does. We also got more information on possible Characters, a Dwarf that has a mighty beard is confirmed so go ahead and lets begin the discussion on who you guys think it is! You are 1-1 so far! Also more trailers are soon to come! Including more characters and locations. Although I was told that most locations and characters will be kept secret so the players can discover them in game. Which is fine by me! Let me know what questions you guys have! I would love to hear your opinons and thoughts! Also as a last bit of news the games release date was changed from October 7th to September 30th! So keeep that in mind! Let the discussion begin! 

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