It was upon a Midsummers day that i stumbled across a Leigon Edition copy of Shadow of Mordor and within seconds the game was in my hands as i handed over the money to purchase. I rushed home and inserted the disc, my heart was beating faster than ever! I play the prologue and instantly fell in love with the game.

- Agandaur

Talion conversing with Celebrimbor

The Protagonists of Shadow of Mordor.

This game delivered on so many fronts as soon as you start. The tutorial/prologue was very well done in my opinion and i think that the way we figure out key infomation during the story is very well structered and put together. This game really lives up to the hype it has been receiving the past 11 months. The one thing i didn't like is that there are only 20 Story Missions where as i would have loved a more streched out story.

Key Elements My Review
Story 8
Side Missions


Weapons and Rune System 8
Nemesis System 10

(This part may contain a spoiler or two so if you haven't played the game then i suggest you stop here unless your okay with some spoilers.)

Celebrimbor square

Celebrimbor in flashback.

There were parts of the story that i found very emotional (don't judge) when The Hammer swung his mace and sent Ratbag flying to his death, in honour of Ratbag i showed my anger and rage towards The Hammer but i found it so emotional and i felt quite saddended when i cut off the head of this orc named Lugnak The Warrior and me and him had met many times so when i cut off his head i felt bad but hey you can't have loose ends and when it shows the flashbacks of Celebrimbors past i felt like this was new m

iddle- earth lore for me to learn as i am a huge fan but i din't really know much concerning Celebrimbor etc so it felt educating too.

Overall, forgetting my sorrow of Ratbags loss and the tradegy of Celembrimbors past, i loved every minute of the 14 hours so far i have spent playing this game so far! and i hope the remaining 100 hours will be just as good, (yeah it will end up being 100 hours before i know it!) This game ticks all my boxes!

9/10! Congrats to everybody behind this game and the supportive community!

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