Throwing Daggers is a Ranger ability in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

It grants the capability to wield a throwing knife that is capable of temporarily stunning enemies at mid/short range.

A dagger striking a target counts as a Hit that will add +1 to the Hit Counter, which is useful to prevent the counter from fading away when there are no enemies in melee range.

A dagger that hits a fleeing and terrified non-Nemesis Uruk (such as those frightened by a Brutalize or by the nearby death of a Captain or Warchief) will slay the foe instantly, regardless of its current health.

Note that Throwing Daggers can benefit from Critical Strikes, which can be triggered by pressing the button again the moment the previous dagger strikes the target. This can very rapidly increase the Hit Counter to very high numbers, from a distance, with minimal risk. Brace of Daggers is required to attain the rate of fire necessary to benefit from Critical Strikes with thrown daggers.

Nemeses with the Trait "Invulnerable to Ranged Attacks" are immune to Daggers as well as Shadow Strike and Elf-shot.

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