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The Warchief is a Ratbag storyline quest in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Ratbag is found hanging high above, being taunted and bled by two Uruks. Talion arrives, kills the both of them, and releases Ratbag. As he recovers, Ratbag states that the situation was not his fault. He explains that as he went to claim credit for killing Brogg, the Warchief he reported to just happened to be Brogg's twin, Mogg the 'Other' Twin. Talion tells him to be ready to claim Mogg's title after he has killed him. As Ratbag readies himself, Talion moves to draw out Mogg by killing some nearby recruits. Upon doing so, Mogg appears and states that he will avenge his brother's death. He fails, and Ratbag claims the title of Warchief, and assures Talion that his subordinates will not interfere with Talion's plans, but states that he cannot vouch for the other Warchiefs. Talion assures him that they won't be a problem for much longer.


  • Since this mission takes place inside a stronghold, there will often be an overwhelming amount of enemies. Try to stop anybody from raising the alarm; kiting enemies will be ideal.
  • Mogg will prove to be tough, but using Wraith Stun and Pin In Place will help allow you to dictate the pace of the fight.
  • This mission introduces the Berserker enemy archetype. These foes must be stunned before attacking them, otherwise they will rebuke any attempt to combat them.