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The Spirit of Mordor is a Ratbag storyline quest in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.


Talion comes across some posts holding dead Uruks, and one living Orc, called Ratbag, tied to his post, who states that he will give up information on the Black Hand if freed. Talion threatens him, wondering what he could know that the other dead Uruk did not. Ratbag yells that his death will deprive Talion of information. Talion concedes, and cuts the Orc loose. Ratbag then tells him of the structure of the Uruk forces in Mordor; how they are soldiers, who follow the Captains, who are loyal to the Warchiefs, who report directly to the Black Hand. Ratbag says that there is a certain Captain that needs to die, as phase one of his plan to become a Warchief.

As they walk, an enemy Uruk spots them, and summons his forces to kill Ratbag and Talion. Felling them, Ratbag continues to speak of the Captain, Goroth, being an avid hunter of Caragors, yet secretly has a disposition towards the beasts, and never leaves the pens where he secures them. Talion agrees to help Ratbag, in exchange for his help in bringing out the Black Hand. Talion sneaks into the pen area, where he overhears that Goroth is at his hunting camp, and never stays in the pens. Irritated at Ratbag, Talion continues on, and finds Goroth boasting about his hunting prowess, and decides to release some nearby Caragors, which scares Goroth into running. As he retreats, Talion catches and kills him, allowing Ratbag to assume his title. Ratbag orders his new troops to bring the corpse to him, though his reputation as a coward precedes him, until he proves it with a trophy, and then declares that they get ready to haul more bodies, as an "old friend" is about to lose his head. Talion muses on the notion that he has been merged with a Wraith, and now is working with an Orc, before departing...



  • The first part of this quest is fairly tame. Follow Ratbag until you are jumped by a group of Uruks. Take care of the Defender and make sure Ratbag is not taking too much damage.
  • Avoid setting off the alarm, as previously stated. Try to get to the top of stronghold as fast as possible and take out the one Archer overlooking the road.
  • If you have the Ride Caragors Ability, be sure to mount a Caragor found in some cages on the right side of the bridge.