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The Power of the Wraith is a Marwen storyline quest in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.


Talion is instructed by Marwen that to solidify his army's strength, he must brand a local Warchief. Talion goes through this by branding a local Captain, then commanding him to infiltrate the Warchief's bodyguard by enduring a test of worthiness. Upon doing so, Talion travels to the Warchief's stronghold, stealthily brands the fort's archers, and lies in wait for the Warchief. When he appears, along with his bodyguards, Talion commands the archers to open fire, as well as his Captain to betray the Warchief, and joins the fray. When the Warchief falls, Talion's Captain ascends to the open title, and claims his new soldiers as allies to Talion.

Upon returning to the Queen, he is attacked by Marwen, who begins to purge the spirit of Celebrimbor from Talion's body into her staff, putting Talion in danger of dying for good. Lithariel runs in, but is forced back. Talion shouts to break Marwen's staff. Lithariel grabs Talion's sword, and manages to shatter the staff, freeing Marwen from her curse, and restoring her youthful appearance and health. Celebrimbor returns to Talion's body, and he rises to see the Queen and Lithariel embracing. The Queen explains that in order to aid her people, she had visited a powerful wizard, Saruman, for help. In doing so, he placed a spell on her, turning her into a vessel for his power. Saruman hoped to raise an army against Sauron, by Talion's actions, then claim Celebrimbor's spirit to lead the army against the Dark Lord. Marwen states that the armies of Sauron are greater than any other, and Talion resolves to continue growing his own army to match Sauron's, and leaves...


13 - The Power of the Wraith - Shadow of Mordor Walkthrough

Power of the Wraith Walkthrough