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Template:Other uses The Outcasts is a Hirgon storyline quest in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.


Talion enters the dungeon lair of the Outcasts, where he comments to Hirgon on the futility of interrogating Uruk soldiers. Hirgon then states that some of them gave up the location of blasting powder stolen from the Outcasts. Talion gruffly states that all that matters to him is finding the Black Hand. Hirgon concedes to letting Talion in on the details of the plan, and they depart.

Along the way to their destination, Hirgon explains that he plans to poison nearby Uruk camps by dropping poisonous herbs into their Grog supply. He asks that Talion, being more skilled in stealth, collect several samples of the herb without attracting attention. Doing so, they continue on.


  • Use stealth to your advantage in this mission. If you are ever seen, the mission is automatically failed and you must restart. While you are able to perform stealth kills, it would be best to avoid combat.
  • Using the "Attract" button will help you distract Uruks so you can safely approach the Grog bowls.