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The Messenger is a Marwen storyline quest in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. It is the first quest to take place in Núrn.


Talion arrives at Lithariel's camp to find several dead Uruks. Lithariel says they followed her here, but she dealt with them. Talion nods, and they leave to journey to the Sea of Núrnen. As Talion gazes over the landscape, Lithariel leads them towards the hidden stronghold of Marwen, Queen of the Shore. Upon entrance, Talion gazes upon the Queen, a haggard, old woman in decorated clothing. Lithariel rushes forward, and gives her a drink of an elixir to calm her, and informs her of Talion's arrival. The Queen motions to him, and Talion inquires as to the "gift" Lithariel states she has for him. The Queen says it is not for him, rather for his partner. She then reads a white flame next to her and directs them to a nearby cave called Morgoth's Scar, where they will find another artifact of the past, as well as to find a Dwarf to help them cleanse the darkness of Mordor. Talion thanks her, and leaves...

They traverse the terrain and come upon the cave's entrance, passing stealthily through several hordes of Ghûls, as Talion comments that they are in a burial crypt. They cross the crypt to find an ancient hammer lodged in the wall. Celebrimbor confirms that it is the same hammer that Sauron gave to him, still coated in his family's blood. As Talion removes it, he has another flashback. This time, he witnesses Sauron forging the One Ring in Mount Doom, and Celebrimbor and Galadriel's realization of the evil Sauron has wrought as they view this through a pool of water, dreading what is to come. As the flashback ends, Talion sees a monstrous Ghul erupt from the ground and call forth a larger swarm of Ghûls to attack. Besting the creature, Talion then rushes through the hordes of Ghûls, blasting dozens back with well-placed shots at the fireplaces they huddle around. Coming to the exit of the cave, Talion is surrounded by a voice calls out a warning and a flaming barrel rolls next to him. Talion rushes out quickly, and barely makes it. As he dusts himself off, he looks up to see a short, stout man, stating that Talion just found his treasure. Talion declines, and the man says he may keep it, as he's just found something better: a new hunting partner. Talion leaves but is intrigued when the man claims that he can lead Talion to the elven hammer's chisel. The man, Torvin, states that his camp isn't far, as Talion realizes he is the Dwarf of Marwen's vision...


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The Messenger Walkthrough