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The Legendary White Graug is a Torvin storyline quest in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.


Torvin enlists Talion's help to take down the notorious White Graug, his lifelong goal since the creature killed his brother long ago. Upon entering its lair, and Torvin finding his long-lost axe, Talion finds the chisel that Celebrimbor used to forged the Rings. In a flashback, he sees Sauron using his magical influence over Celebrimbor to engrave the infamous elven inscription onto the One Ring.

Talion wakes to find the White Graug charging at them. Torvin tries to attack it, but is knocked out when he calls to Talion. Talion engages the beast, stunning it into charging into the walls of its lair, as well as preventing the creature from consuming resident Ghûls to restore its health. After the harrowing battle, Torvin awakes and attacks the creature, restraining it long enough for Talion to deal the death blow. As the beast collapses, dead, Torvin declares his victory. Talion states that he has other prey to hunt. Torvin offers to help, but Talion declines. As he leaves, he expresses hope that they will meet again some day, as Torvin salutes him and wonders how he is going to remove the Graug's carcass from the cavern.

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The Great White Graug