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The Bright Lord story pack is downloadable content for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. It allows you to play as Celebrimbor, the Wraith that had infested Talion in Shadow of Mordor. This DLC will task you with some interesting missions to help you gain a following to take down Sauron. There will be some new Abilities in this DLC as well as all the old ablities from the original game. Will you have what it takes to take down the Dark Lord?

There are various types of quests in the game, each with varying difficulty and length.


  • New Uruk Models
  • Shadow Brand and Flash Brand
  • Using the One Ring
  • Uruk Power level 25 max


Tower Missions[]

Stronghold Captures[]

Tower Siege[]

Sauron Battle[]

One Ring Missions (Optional)[]

War Letters (Optional)[]


  • Despite the setting being in a distant past, the landscape is identical to it's third-age-appearance.
  • During their idle chatter, Uruk still talk about the gravewalker. (likely an oversight).