Tattered Note is an artifact that can be found in Udûn.


The Tattered Note artifact can be found at Uruk Proving Grounds, in the eastern part of Udûn.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Tattered Note, Third Age, 2942

A parchment letter, sent from the Outcast Eryn, details her imminent capture by the Uruks. The note is clearly intended for Hirgon, her husband and leader of the Outcasts. Whether it has reached its intended recipient is another matter entirely.

Memory AudioEdit

"My Dear Hirgon:

I hide outside the camp, and pray they do not find me. They are taking anyone they find into slavery.

If only you were here, but I know you must fight the Uruks or there will be no chance any of us will ever be free.

I fear I will never see you again.

If they find me, I do not know how long I can survive.

Your beloved wife, Eryn"

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