Tar Goroth is an antagonist and a boss in Middle-earth: Shadow of War. One of the Balrogs, the demon servants of Morgoth and evil equivalent of wizards in Middle-earth, he is resurrected by Zog the Eternal to serve the Dark Lord Sauron, Morgoth's heir and dark pupil. After being brought back to life, he kills his orc saviors and goes on a rampage from Gorgoroth to Seregost to slay any unfortunate being who crosses his path. After escaping Celebrimbor, Talion and Carnán, the trio find a trail of fire and dead orcs that opposed Tar Goroth which leads to the Balrog himself. After a short battle Carnán uses her life force and sends the fiery demon into the ice lake below. Zog who awakened Tar Goroth now seeks to awaken him again, but this time he seeks to enslave Tar Goroth and bend him to his will yet Zog fails.

In-game DescriptionsEdit

Fire, Darkness, and Shadow

"My winds are still. You have woken Tar Goroth, cracked and creviced until now." -- Carnán

Shrouded in fire and shadow, Balrogs like Tar Goroth have existed since the First Age of Mordor. Corrupted Maiar from when the world was young. Balrogs rarely venture from the subterranean pits they call home, though Dwarves and Goblins who excavate too deeply may arouse their ire.


Tar Goroth was a general in the wars of the First Age, when the evil Morgoth battled the Valar, Since then he has slumbered, awaiting a final battle to settle Middle-earth's fate.

With the destructive power of a dragon and a seething anger from thousands of years in the dark, Tar Goroth is capable of rampaging across the world if given a chance. Against his might entire armies have perished, and even the greatest heroes can fall before him.


  • The name "Tar Goroth" is an unusual combination of the Quenyan word "tar", which was almost exclusively used in combination with the names of the kings of Numenor, meaning "high" or "noble", and the Sindarin word "goroth" meaning "horror". Taking this into account, Tar Goroth can be interpreted to mean "great horror".
  • Tar Goroth along with the Balrog known as Durin's Bane, are the only survivors of the destruction of their kind during the War of Wrath in the First Age.
  • Tar Goroth is the only Balrog known to wear armor.
  • Tar Goroth is a Shadow of War adaptation. He is not mentioned in Tolkien's Lore, but is one of only four named Balrogs; the others are Gothmog (chief and greatest of their race), Durin's Bane, and Lungorthin.
  • In the first trailer, Tar Goroth is seen being summoned by the Dark Lord Sauron to fight in his armies immediately after the New Ring is forged by Celebrimbor and Talion. Unlike his version from the game, Tar Goroth seems to be the only Balrog to serve Sauron (Balrogs aided the Dark Lord's mentor, Morgoth, during the First Age).
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