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Anyone wanna give a brief breakdown of what these different quest types are about? For people who are new / haven't played the game.

Quest "Types"[]

Most quests in SoM involves killing things, but there are often certain requirements. 

Most weapon quests require you to use only that weapon for certain kills. Many quests involving the bow may require you to stay within a certain circle. 

Outcast quests often have a trigger even. You may see on the map a fist icon with no border. That's the trigger point. Go there and kill the orcs (however you like, preferably by stealth) and save the slaves. One of them will give you the quest, i.e. "please save our friends". 

The actual outcast quests usually require you to save the slaves tied up all over the enemy camp, ranging from 3-5, with a LOT more for the final mission. Once you cleared the area, move up to the man and cut him free. Secondary requirements that gives a small bonus involves making certain number of special kills, like stealth kills, executions, and so on. 

Plot missions usually lead you to recover a certain object(s), which requires you to move through enemy camp. A few involving Gollum would require you to engage wraith mode to see the tracks he left behind. 

More to come... 

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