Additional names:

To whoever manages this page, I found at least 15 other names which were not on your list. Also I believe Fulgum should be spelt Folgum instead (if so please remove it from the list)

I have added the new ones into this list here:

Akoth Amug Ashgam Azdush Bagabug

Barfa Blorg Bolg Borgu Brogg

Bûbol Buth Dûgza Dûsh Dushrat

Feldush Felgrat Flak Folgum Fûlgum

Ghâm Ghûra Gimub Glûk Gham

Golm Gorfel Gorgûm Goroth Grisha

Grublik Gûndza Horhog Hork Horza

Hoshgrish Hoshû Humgrat Hûra Ishgha

Ishmoz Kâka Khrosh Kothûg Krakhorn

Krimp Kruk Kuga Kugaluga Lamlûg

Latbag Lorm Lûga Lûgdash Lûgnak

Máku Malmûg Mogg Mormog Mozfel

Mozu Muggrish Mûglûk Muzglob Nákra

Nazdûg Názkûga Nazû Norsko Norûk

Ogbur Ogthrak Olgoth Olrok Orthog

Otha Paash Pigug Prák Pûg

Pûgrish Pushkrimp Ratanak Ratbag Ratlûg

Ronk Rûg Rûkdûg Rash Shágflak

Shaká Skak Skog Skoth Skûn

Snagog Stakuga Takra Tarz Thakrak

Thrak Torz Tûgog Tûkâ Tûmhom

Tumug Ugakuga Ûggû Ûkbûk Ûkrom

Ukshak Ushbaka Ushgol Uthûg Zaathra

Zog Zogdûsh Zûgor Zûmug Zunn

Sorry it's a mess but I can't seem to edit these into the existing table. Would be grateful if someone could do this. Thank you in advance.

AlexFili. Alex.filipowski (talk) 22:50, November 19, 2014 (UTC)

I compared the list of titles I have and there are many missing from the current list, in no particular order here they are:

Bone Crusher, Man Breaker, Tree Killer, The Hell-Hawk, Black-Heart, Fast Feet, Blood Licker, Giggles, Broken Shield, Brain Damaged, Corpse Grinder, All Eater, Beastmaster, Flesh Picker, Berserker Master, Ear Collector, Gold Fang, Forsworn, Iron Arm, Lock-Jaw, Thin Bones, Quick-Blades, Venomous,

(all of the following are The) Angry, Blue, Catcher, Crippler, Dark, Dumb, Elder, Guardian, Poisoner, Murderous, Runer, Sadistic, Slippery, Stinger, Strong, Thirsy, Whisperer, Thunderer, Whiner, Tactician, Butcher, Flogger, Merciless, Gluttonous, Pain Lover, Map Keeper, Flogger, Rhymer, Metal Beater, Quarter Master, Tainted, Ever-Wounded, Wrath Breeder, Unkillable, Meat Grinder, Executioner, Shield-Master, Spear Master, Blood-Axe, Eye-Gouger, Ripper, Rugged, Warrior, Caragor Fang, Caragor Tamer, Eagle Eye, Flesh Glutton, Guard Master, Hide Skinner, Man Eater, Manhunter, One Eye, Rock Crusher, Slave-Lover, Amputator, Breaker, Armorer, Complainer, Corrupt, Dreamer, Foul, Heartless, Hunter, Hook, Literate One, Noble, Prickler, Rat, Savage, Sneak, Sickly, Singer, Tracker, Timid, Wicked.

(of the) Black Gate, (of the) Spiders 21:36, November 20, 2014 (UTC)

When a captain kills another captain he gains a power level, similar to when he kills a caragor or graug. A great way to push a warchief to lvl 20, just wear down a bodyguard, grab him and have the warchief kill him. Couldn't find it on the page so I'll add it here. Maybe Ill make an account myself. 

Decapitated nemeses returnedEdit

I Played this game and decapitated nemesis, but later then a same nemeses returned and his head still attached despite that i already beheaded that uruk. Is it a glitch or what?

Yes things like that can happen. In some videos you can see a decapitated Uruk talking!!! 08:06, July 3, 2016 (UTC)

Can't edit list of names/titles Edit

I've found some names and titles that aren't on either the existing list or the other one on this page, but I can't edit the list on the actual page.  Anyone know how to do that? --Ecthelion74 (talk) 19:52, December 31, 2014 (UTC)

might really appreciate separating the missions vs the events. thanks!

Missed a name Edit

The tark slayer

Ûkbûk the tark slayer (RIP you shall be missed but never forgotten)