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The Slaughter Tribe is a faction that appears in Middle-earth: Shadow of War added as downloadable content.


Middle-earth: Shadow of War

"There's Orcs who say you shouldn't play with your food, but sometimes, that's the whole point." -- Gubu of the Slaughter tribe

The Slaughter tribe are the most bloodthirsty of the orcs. Their bloodlust goes beyond any interest in war, conquest, or even torture. They are obsessed with viscera, with blood and guts, with the splatter of warm gore o​n their ecstatic faces. For Slaughter orcs, killing is messy and usually precedes further acts of savagery and cannibalism. They show an almost complete disregard for their appearance, often wearing ragged aprons or uncured animal skins still dripping with blood. Slaughter Orcs typically take small trophies from their enemies, such as fingers, hands, and feet, assuming said items haven't been eaten. Likewise, their forts are draped with the skins of their victims, to remind them of the thrill of battle and the pleasure of the feast that follows. They revel in their reputation for being bloodthirsty, but the bloodthirstiness of the Slaughter Tribe can turn the stomach of even the toughest Uruk.


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