Shattered Memories is a Gollum storyline quest in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.


Gollum is digging through a pile of bones, when he finds Talion's dagger at his neck. Gollum hides, as the Wraith convinces him to lead them to another artifact. Along the way, Talion must clear the path of patrolling Uruks in order for Gollum to properly lead them to the artifact. On the last stretch of the path, Gollum sings of how he enjoys the company of the Bright Master, but despises Talion, as much as a "Bagginses." Arriving at a large ruin, Talion finds an elven headband, and has a vision of the Wraith during his life as a smith, and how Sauron deceived him as Annatar, Lord of Gifts. Waking up, Talion finds Gollum seemingly attempting to steal the headband, then confronts the Wraith over the visions bringing more questions than answers, before Gollum states that he will find more artifacts. Soon, though, Talion is ambushed by a large horde of Ghûls, though defeats them with a concussive burst to the floor. The Wraith contemplates Gollum's future role in the fate of Middle-earth, as they continue the search.

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