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The Sea of Núrnen (also referred to as Lake Núrnen) is a location in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. It is an inland sea in the region of Núrn in south-eastern Mordor.


Natives claim Mordor's inland sea is haunted. Water from Núrnen irrigates crops, but since the Dark Lord's return it has become bitter and undrinkable to Men. Núrnen fisheries harvest strange, beaked abominations that howl in the nets. Sailors who worked the trade routes before the Uruks captured Núrn speak of a multi-tentacled horror powerful enough to capsize and destroy the great slave barges the Uruks use to transport their captives.

On the banks of Núrnen, the fortress city of Thaurband operates as a City of Slaves. Uruks process their captives there before shipping them to sites across Mordor and beyond.

On shore of Núrnen, lies the Núrnen Fishery. They have seized the fishery, expanding it to better feed their massive armies. Although the Uruks do not yet understand the scope of their offense, the Men of Núrn do. They speak of the Watcher, a demon of the sea, a furious spirit that will brook no intrusion into its waters, and will suffer no defilement of its home.

In time, the Watcher will rise up in anger, churn the waters with massive tentacles, and lash out with a razor-toothed mouth at those who would defile the Sea of Núrnen. The Fishery has been destroyed before.

The Gurthrant River flows into the sea from the south.

In-Game Map

Sea of Núrnen
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