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Saruman, also known as Curunir, is a character who is mentioned in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and the one who possesses Queen Marwen. In Middle-earth: Shadow of War, he is indirectly referenced several times. 

One of the Istari sent to Middle-earth, Saruman's mission was to guide the Free Peoples against the return of Sauron. Lured by the promises of the Dark Lord's devices, the White Wizard turned his back on his old allies. Saruman intends to seize the One Ring, or at the very least stand as a close confident to a victorious Sauron - and in time to maneuver him for his ends.


At the beginning, Saruman was one of the Maiar serving Aulë the Smith, being only less skillful than Mairon the Admirable, who later fell and became Sauron. Volunteering to be an emissary of the Valar in Middle-earth, Saruman was to be the White Wizard - the chief of the Wizards.  Nominally the leader of the White Council that opposed the reemergence of Sauron, Saruman studied the forbidden arts of the Enemy, especially the secrets of Ring-making. No longer he hated Sauron, but instead he feared and envied his power. He also had a strained relationship with fellow Wizard Gandalf, whom he viewed as an intolerable rival who could contest his authority.

With the permission of the Steward, Saruman settled in the tower of Orthanc, faking commitment to the "alliance" protecting the West. While Gandalf actively worked to weaken Sauron's foothold in the North, Saruman searched for the One Ring itself in the Anduin. He consented to an attack upon the fortress of Dol Guldur, suspecting that Sauron was one steap ahead of him. 

In the"Shadow of" Series

Saruman appears indirectly and is mentioned in the series, as an outside force that uses guile and trickery to manipulate events in his favour. He has his spies and agents, such as nests of Morgai Flies and a few Uruks, to spy on Sauron - to initially undermine and later to determine the necessity for service to this Power to help his own goals as well. 

Queen Marwen presumably met Saruman in one of his travels in the Grey Mountains. When she returned to Núrn, she carried with her an elixir and through it became susceptible to the will of Saruman. Her possession caused  her to wither and make her seem older than she looked.Through Queen Marwen, Saruman spoke and tried to manipulate Talion and Celebrimbor.

In a bid to obtain Celebrimbor’s hidden knowledge of ring making, and possibly discover the whereabouts of the One, Saruman revealed himself and attempted to absorb Celebrimbor into Marwen's magical staff. Talion was stunned while Celebrimbor was ripped from his body, leading Marwen's daughter, Lithariel, to break the staff, freeing both Celebrimbor and Marwen from Saruman's control. As soon as the staff was broken, color returned to Marwen's hair and face, and she grew visibly younger. It did not take long for Celebrimbor to understand that Saruman's ambition was to try become the new Lord of the Rings, of which there can only be one. 

From within the fortified walls of Isengard, Saruman plotted his part in the coming war. He began aiding the enemies of the neighbouring kingdom of Rohan and establishing an informant network in Eriador to keenly observe affairs in the Shire. Further, he was aware to some degree of the raging battles between the Nazgûl and the Bright Lord, hoping the raging battles, hoping that this ongoing struggle may at the very least weaken both parties. Eventually, Saruman came under Sauron's control - though he would prove not the most reliable servant to the Dark Lord. 


Marwen's ailment due to Saruman's poisoning mirrors that of King Théoden of Rohan's years later.


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