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Rising Storm is a rune for Urfael in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.


Grant access to the Storm of Urfael legendary weapon power without purchasing the corresponding attribute. No benefit when both the rune and the attribute are possesed. (Tip: Equip this rune until you purchase the corresponding attribute, then unequip the rune and replace it with another rune.)

Use Edit

When you have access to this power an extra HUD element will appear to the right of the mini-map, consisting of a white icon as per Rising Storm above and a blue curved energy bar on its right. To use the Storm of Urfael power you will first need to perform melee kills until the bar is filled. Then you may activate the power using:

  • XBox 360 Controller - Click down on both the Left and Right sticks at the same time.
  • PC Keyboard - press '2'.

Once you have done this a white mist/glow will appear between the icon and minimap and you gain the ability to perform an execution finisher without needing an active streak. This lasts for 20 seconds (experience may vary due to execution time slow down) after which you will need to perform more melee kills to charge it again.

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