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The Rangers of The Black Gate, also known as the Ithilien Rangers, Rangers of the South, or more commonly known as the Rangers of Gondor) are a faction in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. They are an elite military group tasked with defending the Kingdom of Gondor, especially Minas Tirith, from the Uruks. The Steward of Gondor also tasked them with defending one of the bastions of Mordor, the Black Gate.

In-game Description[]

Gondor controlled The Black Gate for over two millennia after Sauron's defeat, with the Rangers keeping watch over Mordor. The Rangers supervised the building of the Towers of the Teeth, standing guard over the Gondorian prisoners who would later escape into Udûn and settle there.
Over the centuries the Rangers suffered greatly, their numbers whittled down by a Great Plague and an invasion by the Easterlings.
Eventually, a small but hardened crew stood to man the watch. A brave few who were quickly overwhelmed when Sauron returned.


The Rangers specialize in guerilla warfare and used both swords and bows with great skill and proficiency. For the purpose of stealth they wear camouflaged brown cloaks.

Known Members[]



  • The Rangers of the Black Gate are similar in nature to the Night's Watch from the book series A Song of Ice and Fire.
Rangers of Ithilien
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