Ranger's Cloak Clasp is an artifact that can be found in Udûn.


The Ranger's Cloak Clasp artifact can be found at Southern Udûn Pass, in the south-central part of Udûn.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Tarnished Ranger's Cloak Clasp, Second Age, circa 3440

"These decorative metal bands were used by Rangers primarily to keep their cloaks closed. As guardsmen of Gondor, Rangers were held to exacting standards by their masters, and this meant keeping their clasps polished.

Rangers would use the clasps as makeshift signal devices, catching sunlight to create reflective flashes to communicate with their comrades over long distances."

Memory AudioEdit

"The towers will be up soon. Don't know why we're calling them the teeth. They should be called the jaw.

Because they'll be hitting us there?

Indeed. Right on the jaw, and as often as they can.

That's a grim outlook, brother. We'll be able to see into Mordor here. And bite if necessary."

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