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Queen of the Shore is a Marwen storyline quest in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.


Marwen informs Talion that an artifact he seeks is in the hands of her men, though their lives may be cut short soon. Racing across Núrnen, Talion arrives at the outskirts of an Uruk stronghold, where the men are to be executed. Celebrimbor states that the men's lives are secondary to the artifact, but Talion chooses to save them. He decides to follow Marwen's advice, and uses the power of the Wraith to control the minds of the stronghold's archers, then has them fire down upon the warrior Uruks. Clearing the stronghold, he frees the men, who hand over the artifact. As the memories flood into his mind, Talion sees Celebrimbor fighting valiantly to protect his family from hordes of Orcs, when Sauron himself appears before him. Gathering himself, Celebrimbor attacks the Dark Lord, but is beaten to the ground. As the Orcs lead his wife and daughter away, a restrained Celebrimbor finds himself enticed by the One Ring's untold power, as Sauron orders his minions to "Take him to Mordor".