Pickaxe is an artifact that can be found in Udûn.


The Pickaxe artifact can be found in a cave at Udûn Crossing, in the southern part of Udûn.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Pickaxe, Orcish, Third Age, 2942

Uruk refer to mining as "working the black seam," as they extract iron and adamant from the earth to fuel their war machine. They are adept miners, and oftentimes use steel pickaxes such as this one to extract ore. Now, however, the pickaxes are in the hands of slaves, and the Uruks serve as overseers.

Memory AudioEdit

"Black Captains and Uruk-hai. Damned if I can't tell who's worse, and why are we working for these fools in the first place? We should be in charge.

Come on! Don't you want to crack the whip instead of having it cracked over you?

You'll be the death of us, talking like that.

Here, now. Think I'm talking about talk? I'm talking about…

Less whining, more mining!

And there's the first throat I'll cut!"

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