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The Outcasts of Udûn are a faction in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor led by Hirgon of Tarnost. They consist of former Rangers that have deserted their duties on the Black Gate and fled into Mordor, as well as Gondorian prisoners who fled long ago after the construction of the Black Gate and other Gondorian fortifications. Many of the Outcasts became Slaves to the Uruks.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

The Outcasts are descendants of escaped Gondorian prisoners. Their forefathers built the Towers of the Teeth on the Black Gate many centuries ago. Their escape into Udûn allowed them to create new lives for themselves.
Even if the land was harsh and unforgiving, they were free. Now Sauron and the Uruks have returned and there is no freedom to be found within the Land of Shadow.

Missions Edit

During the game a closed fist symbol will sometimes appear marking a group of slaves being watched over by Uruks. Killing or driving off the Uruks to free the slaves will open up a new mission on the same map. The mission will require Talion to free more (at least 3) slaves tied up to posts by cutting their bonds, avoiding or eliminating any Uruks in the area. While the name and description of these missions change, the only difference lies in the bonus objectives, which can vary from combat to stealth-based. Freeing more marked slaves will lead to more missions; at times, no new missions can be unlocked until the current ones are completed. These missions provide experience and Mirian, as well as an improvement in slave disposition toward Talion. The more missions completed, the more likely slaves are to fight Uruks instead of running away and the more likely they are to have Intel available once freed.

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