Orcish Dagger is an artifact that can be found in Sea of Núrnen.


The Orcish Dagger artifact can be found in Núrnen Peninsula, in the north-western part of Sea of Núrnen.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Orcish dagger, Third Age, circa 1650

'Dagger' may be a generous application of the word. This is a crude shank and it will never be used for anything but skullduggery.

Uruks generally carry blades of this ilk when engaging in their misdeeds, and the blades are often coated with crude poisons to ensure a victim's painful death. Uruks will often carry daggers like this one into combat, but only employ them as a last resort.

Memory AudioEdit

"You've been recalled?

Aye. To Osgiliath. They're burning the bodies there.

Ehh, it's that bad?

It's worse. We've abandoned Durthang, either to the Orcs or the Outcasts. I can't imagine which is worse. And we're thin on the ground here.

Two regiments' worth called back home. Maybe a dozen more down with the sweats.

Maybe even more than that. And I don't think we can hide it anymore, no matter how they change up the patrols. The Orcs may have already smelled it out, too. They're getting uppity in Mordor. Here… Look at this.

Ahh… that's quite a blade. Where'd you get it?

Off an Orc scout. I expect he won't need it anymore. You keep it."