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Nemesis Traits are certain aspects or traits such as strengths and weaknesses, which determine the best and the worst ways of taking down a particular Nemesis.

Shadow of Mordor Edit

List of Strengths Edit

Invulnerability Strengths Edit

Strengths that provides immunity to various sources of damage.

  • Invulnerable to Ranged - Cannot be damaged by your ranged attacks.
  • Invulnerable to Stealth - Cannot be damaged by stealth takedowns.
  • Combat Master - Cannot be damaged by combat attacks or finishers.
  • Monster Slayer - Able to kill monsters quickly, and resistant to their attacks.

Hate Strengths Edit

Strengths that provokes the Nemesis, which enrages them. This causes them to attack harder and boosts their abilities. An example is regeneration; an enraged nemesis will regenerate more health faster.

  • Hate of Bodyguard Suffering - Becomes enraged when his Bodyguard(s) is attacked.
  • Hate of Burns - Becomes enraged when he burns.
  • Hate of Caragors - Becomes enraged at the sight of Caragors.
  • Hate of Defeat - Becomes enraged at low health.
  • Hate of Morgai Flies - Becomes enraged when hit by Morgai fly swarms.
  • Hate of Ghûls - Becomes enraged at the sight of Ghûls.
  • Hate of His Master Suffering - Becomes enraged when his master is hit.
  • Hate of Graugs - Becomes enraged at the sight of a Graug.
  • Hate of His Rival - Becomes enraged near a rival Nemesis.
  • Hate of Pain - Becomes enraged when he is injured.

Attack Strengths Edit

Combat Moves that can be performed by the Nemesis.

  • Body Slam - Picks up his opponent and throws them to the ground.
  • Boomerang Throw - Throws weapons which then return to him.
  • Charge Attack - Running charge in a straight line.
  • Fury Attack - Highly aggressive melee attack.
  • Grapple - Can swing you around.
  • Ground Pound - Slams the ground hard causing damage in a radius.
  • Heavy Attack - High-damage melee attack, cannot be countered.
  • Jump Attack - Leaps far while striking.
  • Mangler - Multiple heavy attacks to the gut.
  • Poison Cloud - Drops stunning cloud of poison if needed.
  • Quick Shot - Shoots multiple shots in rapid succession.
  • Rapid Attack - Multiple attacks that must be individually countered.
  • Throat Grab - Picks up his enemy by the throat.
  • Wrecker - Devastating shield slam and impale attack.

Weapon Strengths Edit

Modifies the damage that the Nemesis deals to Talion

  • Flaming Weapon - Weapon is on fire, increasing damage.
  • Poison Weapon - Weapon inflicts a lingering poison.
  • Savage Weapons - Weapon inflicts deep wounds that bleed over time.
  • Explosive Arrow - Shoots arrows that explode on impact.

Miscellaneous Strengths Edit

Strengths that do not fit in another category are listed here

  • Ambusher - Launches ambushes against his enemies.
  • Backlash - Counter attacks are not effective.
  • Battle-Hardened - Harder to kill, and may require you to finish him.
  • Blood Thirsty - Recovers health from striking enemies.
  • Cautious - Averse to combat.
  • Deadly - Attacks do much more damage than most Uruks.
  • Deflect - Can deflect attacks.
  • Deflect and Counter - Can deflect attacks and follow with a counterattack.
  • Deflect and Counter, plus Quick Turn - Can deflect attacks and follow with a counter attack, turns quickly.
  • Demanding Leader - This Warchief attracts more Bodyguards.
  • Fast Runner - Runs much faster than normal Uruks.
  • Fearless - Cannot be terrified, never flees.
  • Gang Leader - Has a group of followers.
  • Humiliator - Does not finish off weak opponents.
  • Initiative - Tries to be the first to strike in combat.
  • Inspiring Presence - Nearby Uruk are inspired to attack simultaneously.
  • No Chance - Victims don't get any Last Chance.
  • Quick Turn - Turn around quickly if struck from behind.
  • Regeneration - Continually heals rapidly.
  • Side Step - Can dodge thrown daggers.
  • Skirmisher - Attempts to back away from combat.
  • Sneaky - Sometimes shows up unexpectedly.
  • Sniffer - Can smell out enemies who are hiding nearby.
  • Summoner - Calls nearby allies to join the fight.
  • Tracker - Can sense the presence of nearby enemies and hunt them down.
  • Vault Breaker - Blocks attempts to jump over him.
  • Wraith Stun Blocker - Blocks the Wraith Stun attack from the front.

List of Weaknesses Edit

Vulnerability Weaknesses Edit

Weaknesses that make the nemesis be killed easily or even instantly from a source of damage.

  • Vulnerable to Combat Finishers - Can be killed instantly using combat finishers.
  • Vulnerable to Mounted Beasts - Can be killed instantly by mounted beasts.
  • Vulnerable to Stealth Finishers - Can be killed instantly using stealth finishers.
  • Vulnerable to Ranged Attacks - Can be killed instantly by a single Charged Headshot, Fire Arrow, or Shadow Strike.

Damage Weaknesses Edit

Weaknesses that cause the nemesis to take increased, but not necessarily fatal, damage from certain attacks

  • Damaged by Combat Finishers - Can be damaged by combat finishers.
  • Damaged by Explosions - Can be damaged by explosions.
  • Damaged by Stealth - Can be damaged by stealth finishers.
  • Damaged by Ranged - Can be damaged by ranged attacks.
  • Beast Fodder - Can be damaged by beast attacks.

Fear Weaknesses Edit

Weaknesses that scare the nemesis, causing him to flee in terror.

  • Fear of Betrayal - Becomes terrified when allied Uruks fight each other.
  • Fear of Burning - Becomes terrified when he burns.
  • Fear of Caragors - Becomes terrified at the sight of Caragors.
  • Fear of Ghûls - Becomes terrified at the sight of Ghûls.
  • Fear of Graugs - Becomes terrified at the sight of Graugs.
  • Fear of Morgai Flies - Becomes terrified when hit by Morgai Fly swarms.
  • Fear of Rival - Becomes terrified near rival nemesis.
  • Fear of the Gravewalker - Becomes terrified at the sight of Talion.

Miscellaneous Weaknesses Edit

Weaknesses that do not fit into any of the above categories

  • Branded - Can be grabbed, without needing to be weakened.
  • Clumsy - Can be grabbed, without needing to be weakened.

Shadow of War Edit

List of Strengths Edit

Immunities Edit

Strengths that provide immunity to sources of damage or status effects. A dazed enemy will temporarily lose their immunities.

  • Arrow-proof - "Immune to ranged attacks."
  • Beast-proof - "Immune to attacks from beasts such as Caragors and Graugs."
  • Fire-proof - Immune to fire damage.
  • Frost-proof - "Immune to Frost attacks and cannot be Frozen"
  • Immune to Curse - Immune to Curse damage
  • Immune to Executions - Cannot be executed
  • Immune to Light - "Immune to Light attacks and Light executions."
  • Poison-proof - Immune to Poison.
  • Vigilant against Stealth - Immune to Stealth attacks

Hates Edit

Strengths that enrage the captain, increasing damage dealt and making attacks unblockable

  • Bestial Frenzy - "Becomes enraged after killing a Beast"
  • Blood Brother - "Loyal blood brother of [other nemesis]"
  • Bloodlust - Becomes Enraged at the sight of an Enraged nemesis
  • Brutal Frenzy - "Becomes Enraged at the sight of Brutal attacks or Shaming"
  • Devoted Master -
  • Enraged by Acrobatics - "Becomes Enraged when vaulted over"
  • Enraged by Betrayal - "Becomes Enraged when allies fight each other" When a captain is dominated in battle or a spy reveals himself.
  • Enraged by Boss Defeat - "Becomes Enraged when his Boss is killed"
  • Enraged by Caragors - "Becomes Enraged at the sight of a Caragor"
  • Enraged by Cowards - "Becomes Enraged when Higher ranked orcs become Dazed or flee"
  • Enraged by Curse - "Becomes Enraged when hit with a cursed weapon"
  • Enraged by Drakes - "Becomes Enraged at the sight of a Drake"
  • Enraged by Everything - "Hates Everything. May become enraged at any moment, attacking anyone nearby"
  • Enraged by Execution - "Becomes Enraged at the sight of an Execution"
  • Enraged by Fire - "Becomes Enraged when hit with a flame weapon"
  • Enraged by Frost - Becomes Enraged when Frozen by Talion
  • Enraged by Graugs - "Becomes Enraged at the sight of a Graug"
  • Enraged by Injury - "Becomes Enraged when taking damage"
  • Enraged by Light - Becomes Enraged when hit by Eltariel's Light attacks.
  • Enraged by Morgai Flies - "Becomes Enraged when swarmed by morgai flies"
  • Enraged by Mortal Wounds - "Becomes Enraged when at low Health"
  • Enraged by Pinning - "Becomes Enraged when you pin his foot to the ground."
  • Enraged by Poison - "Becomes Enraged when hit with a poison weapon"
  • Enraged by Rival - "Becomes Enraged at the sight of [other nemesis]
  • Enraged by Spiders - "Becomes Enraged at the sight of spiders"
  • Enraged by Stealth - "Becomes enraged at the sight of a Stealth Attack"
  • Enraged by Undead - Becomes Enraged at the sight of Undead
  • Enraged by Weakness - "Becomes Enraged when higher-ranked targets are Dazed."
  • Haunted - "Becomes enraged at the sight of a Shadow Strike"
  • Killing Frenzy - "Becomes Enraged after killing a captain" Also becomes Enraged when killing higher-ranked orcs and ologs
  • Last Stand - "Becomes Enraged when facing the Bright Lord alone"
  • Possessive Master - "Becomes Enraged when his bodyguard is attacked"
  • Power Crazed - "Becomes Enraged upon encountering a more powerful target"
  • Vengeful - "Becomes Enraged when witnessing the death of an allied captain"
  • Vengeful Master - "Becomes Enraged a bodyguard is killed"

Class Traits Edit

  • Class Bonus: Crossbow - Archer class
    1. Explosive Shot - "Fires ranged projectiles that explode on impact."
  • Class Bonus: Defender Shield - "Blocks all frontal attacks" Defender class. Includes sword attacks, ranged attacks, and explosions.
    1. Shield Quake - "Strikes his shield to the ground, pushing back and stunning nearby foes."
  • Class Bonus: Front line Warrior - Warrior class. Front line attacker.
  • Class Bonus: Hunter Spear - "Attacks from ranged with throwing spears"
  • Class Bonus: Olog Strength -
  • Class Bonus: Savage Counter - "Counters frontal attacks with unblockable counter attack."
  • Class Bonus: Crossbow - "Attacks from range with firing crossbow."
  • Advanced Class: Assassin - "Stealth enemy that prefers to take enemies out quick. Often douses weapon with poison"
    1. Agile - "Use hit and run tactics to wear down opponents. Dodges, rolls, and vaults over opponents to avoid taking damage."
    2. No Chance - "You won't receive last chance when knocked down."
    3. Throwing Knives - "Hurls knives at you"
  • Advanced Class: Beastmaster - "As one with the creatures of Mordor. Beasts will not attack him."
    1. Bestial roar - "Utters a beastly roar that calls caragors into battle, heals allied beasts and compels them to attack his target."
    2. Den Mother - "Mimics a Ghûl Matron's call, enticing Ghûls from the wild to converge on his location."
    3. Caragor Tamer - "Can turn enemy caragors friendly."
    4. Spider Summoner - "Can summon spiders." (Mystic only)
    5. Drake Lure - "Can call a drake."
  • Advanced Class: Berserker - "Chaotic Warrior who becomes Enraged in battle. The berserker thrives when damaging others."
    1. Rampage - "Recklessly charges into battle, lashing out at anyone near his target, including allies."
    2. Flying Axes - Throws his weapons, which will return back to him, Dealing damage to everyone in their path." (Savage only)
    3. Furious Charge - "Charges after opponents, knocking them onto the ground and beating them. Dodge away when you see him coming."
    4. Rabid - "Utters a terrifying battle cry that disorients and intimidates all who hear it."
    5. Shield Quake - "Damages and stuns all enemies around him"
  • Advanced Class: Commander - "Emboldens those who fight alongside him, enabling them to fully unleash their battle lust."
    1. Dying Command - "Drives orcs into a vengeful frenzy when he dies. Be prepared to battle his enraged avengers."
    2. War Banners - "Orders his followers to plant his banner, strengthening nearby allies and sending them into a battle-induced fury. Destroy these banners to undermine his command."
    3. Call Reinforcements - "Summons reinforcements to replace gang orcs who have fallen in battle - Beware of his horn."
  • Advanced Class: Destroyer - "An expert in explosive tactics and weaponry. The Destroyer is always equipped with bombs and mines."
    1. Final Blast - "Triggers an explosion upon his death that stuns nearby enemies."
    2. Final Curse - "Triggers an explosion upon his death that curses nearby enemies."
    3. Final Inferno - "Triggers an incendiary explosion upon his death that burns nearby enemies."
    4. Sappers - "Calls in a pack of sappers."
  • Advanced Class: Marksman - "The Marksman is a specialist in ranged combat who sees further, fires with increased accuracy, and does additional damage." (Archer only)
    1. Power Shot - "Fires an extremely powerful bolt that damages and stuns his target."
    2. Quick Shot - "Can shoot successive bolts very quickly."
  • Advanced Class: Slayer - "Extremely skilled fighter. The Slayer faces his enemies head-on and overpowers them with his exceptional combat skills."
    1. Fast Learner - "Adapts quickly and learns how to counter your tactics. Use a variety of moves to defeat him."
    2. Triple Strike - "Attacks with a deadly three-hit combination. Use caution when fighting up close."
  • Advanced Class: Tank - "Heavily armored fighters that withstand immense damage. Capable of second wind moments before death."
    1. Death Defying - Revives with full health when killed. Can only be used once.
    2. Determination - "Heals himself during a battle through sheer willpower alone. Can be interrupted."
    3. Wave of Might - "Unleashes a wave of strength so powerful that it pushes back and disorients nearby enemies." (Olog only)
  • Advanced Class: Tracker - "Seeks you out no matter where you hide, summoning reinforcements to hem you in."
    1. Harpoon - "Mid-range weapon that locks onto enemies, and will pull you in if struck." (Olog only)
    2. Master of the Hunt - "Sounds his hunting horn when he's caught your trail. Nearby orcs will join his hunting party and track you down."
    3. Trapper - "Lays traps to pin enemies in place, making them vulnerable to thrown weapons until breaking free."
  • Advanced Class: Trickster - "Surprise attacks you and uses unexpected tactics to confuse and bewilder his enemies."
    1. Decoys - "Leads a gang of virtually identical look-alikes, making it difficult to focus on him in battle."
    2. Smoke Bomb - "Deploys smoke bombs to elude his enemies."
  • Tribe Bonus: Dark Strikes - "Equips dual wielded, curved daggers that he will use to cut your limbs from your body."
  • Tribe Bonus: Feral Claws - "He will tackle you to the ground, after which you will be ferociously beaten with his wrist mounted claws."
  • Tribe Bonus: Hail of Bolts - "Uses two crossbows at once to fire a hail of stunning bolts at opponents." Marauder Tribe.
  • Tribe Bonus: Machine Hook - "Throws a chained hook at opponents and pulls them in, dealing heavy damage."
  • Tribe Bonus: Mystic Blade - "Uses the power of shadow to appear next to you, then strikes with a deadly Morgul Blade." Similar to Shadow Strike. Can be dodged. Causes Curse.
    1. Spider Summoner - "Summons spiders to join him in battle."
    2. Necromancer - "Reanimates the dead."
      1. Unbreakable - "Can never be broken, even when at low health."
  • Tribe Bonus: Hail of Bolts - "Fires a succession of arrows, minimal damage but heavy stun." Marauder Tribe.
  • Tribe Bonus: Mystic Blade - "Teleports and slashes with sword."
  • Tribe Bonus: Dark Strikes - "3 strike unblockable move deals heavy damage."
  • Tribe Bonus: Feral Claws - "Dashes at you and knocks you down and scratches with claws."
  • Tribe Bonus: Machine Hook - "Can chain you and pull you toward him, dealing heavy damage."
  • Tribe Bonus: Terror Chains - "Lashes out with chain weapons, damaging everything that's caught in their sweeps."
  • Tribe Bonus: Warmonger Clash - "Locks your weapon in place with his gauntlets. Act quickly to break free, or suffer extra damage."
  • Tribe Bonus: Chained Bolas - "Swings and throws chained bolas at their opponent, trapping them and leaving them vulnerable to attack." Outlaw Tribe.
  • Tribe Bonus: Slaughter Cleavers - "Throws sharp cleavers in quick succession, causing bleeding wounds." Similar to hail of bolts, but less stun and more damage.

Bonuses Edit

Bonuses are traits give a nemesis more flexibility in combat, providing more abilities for them to use. Epic traits are also classified as bonuses.

  • Beast Slayer - "Extremely lethal against the beasts of Mordor."
  • Bombs - "Throws bombs."
  • Caragor Pack - "Leads a pack of loyal caragors into battle." (Beastmaster only)
  • Caragor Rider - "Able to ride any nearby caragor. Often starts battle riding on a caragor."
  • Cursed Bombs - "Throws cursed bombs."
  • Cursed Mines - "Deploys cursed mines."
  • Cursed Weapon - "Wields a blighted weapon capable of cursing his enemies."
  • Fire Bombs - "Throws fire bombs."
  • Fire Mines - "Deploys fire mines."
  • Fire Thrower - "Carries a weapon that sprays forth blasts of liquid fire." (Olog only)
  • Flame Weapon - "Wields a flaming weapon capable of igniting enemies and causing fire damage."
  • Gang of Archers - "Leads a gang of Archers."
  • Gang of Defenders - "Leads a gang of Defenders."
  • Gang of Hunters - "Leads a gang of Hunters."
  • Gang of Ologs - "Leads a gang of Ologs."
  • Gang of Savages - "Leads a gang of Savages."
  • Gang of Warriors - "Leads a gang of Warriors."
  • Iron Will - "Resists being recruited into your army. Shaming him has a chance to remove this effect."
  • Loyal Bodyguard - "Only found at his master's side."
  • Mines - "Deploys mines that stun enemies."
  • Poison Bombs - "Throws poison bombs."
  • Poison Mines - "Deploys poison mines."
  • Poison Weapon - "Wields a poison weapon capable of poisoning enemies and causing poison damage."
  • Sniper Shot - "Can fire upon enemies from great distances and never misses." Can also shoot and kill Talion while he as at zero health without triggering Last Chance. (Marksman Only)
  • Tunnel Rat - "Can quickly burrow into the ground and then emerge nearby, summoning a group of ghûls to fight alongside him." (Feral Tribe only)
  • Tremor - "Unleashes an attack that blasts an area around him, staggering enemies and heavily damaging wall." (Olog only)
Epic Traits Edit

Particularly powerful bonuses unique to Epic and Legendary nemesis.

  • Epic Bombs - "Throws multiple bombs rapidly." (Destroyer only)
  • Epic Caragor Rider - "Able to ride any nearby caragors. Often starts battle already mounted on a Dire Caragor."
  • Epic Cursed Bombs - "Throws multiple cursed bombs rapidly." (Destroyer only)
  • Epic Fire Bombs - "Throws multiple fire bombs rapidly." (Destroyer only)
  • Epic Decoys - "Can appear with a group of elite grunts that look exactly like him, and will make tracking the real target harder." (Trickster only)
  • Epic Determination - "Heals himself completely during battle through exceptional willpower. Can be interrupted." (Tank only)
  • Epic Poison Bombs - "Throws multiple poisoned bombs rapidly." (Destroyer only)
  • Epic Quick Shot - "Can shoot multiple targets at once." (Marksman only)
  • Epic Rage - "Stays enraged for long periods of time." (Berserker only)
  • Epic Smoke Bombs - "Deploys more powerful smoke bombs that also stun nearby enemies while he eludes them."
  • Epic Throwing Knives - "Throws an arc of multiple knives at all foes in front of him." (Assassin only)
  • Epic Trapper - "Throws multiple traps to ensnare enemies, making them vulnerable to ranged weapons until breaking free." (Tracker only)
  • Epic Trait: Curse Master - "Increases all curse damage dealt by himself and by his allies."
  • Epic Trait: Curse Warder - "Decreases all curse damage received by himself and by his allies."
  • Epic Trait: Fanatical Gang - "Leads a gang that becomes enraged if he is attacked."
  • Epic Trait: Fire Master - "Increases all fire damage dealt by himself and by his allies."
  • Epic Trait: Fire Warder - "Decreases all fire damage received by himself and by his allies."
  • Epic Trait: Gang of Elite Archers - "Leads a group of highly skilled Archers."
  • Epic Trait: Gang of Elite Defenders - "Leads a group of highly skilled Defenders."
  • Epic Trait: Gang of Elite Hunters - "Leads a group of highly skilled Hunters."
  • Epic Trait: Gang of Elite Ologs - "Leads a group of highly skilled Ologs."
  • Epic Trait: Gang of Elite Savages - "Leads a group of highly skilled Savages."
  • Epic Trait: Gang of Elite Warriors - "Leads a group of highly skilled Warriors."
  • Epic Trait: Graug Call - "Summons a Graug to fight alongside him."
  • Epic Trait: Great Strength - "His attacks deal immense damage." Uruks and Ologs with this trait tend to be more muscular.
  • Epic Trait: Mighty Archers - "Inspires allied Archers to deal extra damage and take less damage."
  • Epic Trait: Mighty Defenders - "Inspires allied Defenders to deal extra damage and take less damage."
  • Epic Trait: Mighty Hunters - "Inspires allied Hunters to deal extra damage and take less damage."
  • Epic Trait: Mighty Ologs - "Inspires allied Ologs to deal extra damage and take less damage."
  • Epic Trait: Mighty Savages - "Inspires allied Savages to deal extra damage and take less damage."
  • Epic Trait: Mighty Warriors - "Inspires allied Warriors to deal extra damage and take less damage."
  • Epic Trait: Poison Master - "Increases all poison damage dealt by himself and by his allies."
  • Epic Trait: Posion Warder - "Decreases all poison damage received by himself and by his allies."
  • Epic Trait: Slayer Counter - "Responds to execution attacks from the front with an unblockable counterattack. Execute him from behind instead." (Savage Slayer only)
  • Epic Trait: Thick Skinned - "Has greatly increased health." Compared to others of the same class.

List of Weaknesses Edit

Mortal Weaknesses Edit

Weaknesses that kill a nemesis instantly or terrify them, making them vulnerable to instant kills or domination.

  • Craven - "Flees in terror when faced with enemies that are a much higher level."
  • Deserter - "Flees in terror when witnessing the death of an allied captain."
  • Extremely Soft-headed - "Can be killed instantly with a headshot."
  • Hysterical Master - "Flees in terror when one of his bodyguards is killed."
  • Intimidated - "Flees in terror upon seeing his rival."
  • Mortal Beast Fodder - "Can be killed instantly by beast attacks."
  • Mortally Flammable - "Can be killed instantly using fire."
  • Mortally Sickly - "Can be killed instantly using poison."
  • Mortally Vulnerable to Execution - "Can be killed instantly using by Executions."
  • Mortally Vulnerable to Stealth - "Can be killed instantly using Stealth Attacks."
  • Overwhelming Awe - "Flees in terror at the sight of the Bright Lord."
  • Quivering Wreck - "Flees in terror after seeing an Enraged enemy."
  • Soft Skull - "Can be killed by a single charged headshot, mighty shot or shadow strike."
  • Terrified of Balefire - "Flees in terror when burned with balefire."
  • Terrified of Betrayal - "Flees in terror when allies fight each other." When a captain is dominated in battle or a spy reveals himself.
  • Terrified of Caragors - "Flees in terror when attacked by a Caragor."
  • Terrified of Curse - "Flees in terror when attacked by a cursed weapon."
  • Terrified of Drakes - "Flees in terror when attacked by a Drake."
  • Terrified of Execution - "Flees in terror after being attacked by combat executions."
  • Terrified of Fire - "Flees in terror after being set on fire."
  • Terrified of Frost - Flees in terror after being frost attacked?
  • Terrified of Ghûls - "Flees in terror when attacked by Ghûls."
  • Terrified of Graugs - "Flees in terror when attacked by a Graug."
  • Terrified of Morgai Flies - "Flees in terror when swarmed by Morgai flies."
  • Terrified of Poison - "Flees in terror after being poisoned."
  • Terrified of Pinning - "Flees in terror after being pinned."
  • Terrified of Spiders - "Flees in terror at the sight of spiders."
  • Terrified of Stealth - "Flees in terror after being Stealth Attacked."

Vulnerabilities Edit

Weaknesses that increase the damage taken by a nemesis from a particular source.

  • Beast Fodder - "Heavily damaged by Beast Attacks."
  • Clumsy - "Can be grabbed or mounted without first being weakened."
  • Flammable - "Heavily damaged by fire."
  • Sickly - "Heavily damaged by poison."
  • Soft Target - "Heavily damaged by ranged attacks."
  • Vulnerable to Execution - "Heavily damaged by Executions."
  • Vulnerable to Stealth - "Heavily damaged by Stealth Attacks."

Dazed By Edit

Weaknesses that cause a nemesis to become dazed, nullifying their strengths and stunning them

  • Fear of Stealth - "Becomes Dazed by Stealth attacks."
  • Demoralized - "Becomes Dazed when witnessing the death of an allied Captain or higher-ranked Uruk." Or Olog
  • Exhaustion - Becomes Dazed when rage wears off.
  • Fear of Brutality - "Becomes Dazed after seeing a Brutal Attack or Shaming."
  • Fear of Burning - "Becomes Dazed when set on Fire."
  • Fear of Caragors - "Becomes Dazed when attacked by a Caragor."
  • Fear of Curse - "Becomes Dazed when Cursed."
  • Fear of Exectution - "Becomes Dazed when Executed."
  • Fear of Graugs - "Becomes Dazed when attacked by a Graug."
  • Fear of Morgai Flies - "Becomes Dazed when Swarmed by morgai flies."
  • Fear of Pinning - "Becomes Dazed when you pin his foot to the ground."
  • Fear of Poison - "Becomes Dazed when Poisoned."
  • Infected with Fear - "Becomes Dazed at the sight of Captains or Higher ranked Uruks becoming dazed or fleeing." Also applies to Ologs as well.
  • Quivering - "Becomes Dazed at the sight of Enraged enemies."
  • Shaken Master - "Becomes Dazed when his Bodyguard is killed."
  • Soft-Headed - "Becomes Dazed when shot in the head."
  • Weak Master - "Becomes Dazed when his pet or gang is killed."

Hints Edit

Sources that a nemesis can be damaged by, but has no particular strengths or resistances against.

  • Damaged by Beasts - "Can be injured by Beast attacks."
  • Damaged by Curse - "Can be injured by Curse."
  • Damaged by Execution - "Can be injured by executions."
  • Damaged by Fire - Can be injured by fire.
  • Damaged by Poison - Can be injured by fire.
  • Damaged by Ranged - "Can be injured by ranged attacks."
  • Damaged by Stealth - "Can be injured by Stealth Attacks."

Notes Edit

  • As a Nemesis increases in power, he can lose weaknesses while gaining strengths.
  • Combat Finishers include the following: Ground Execution, Execution, Wraith Finisher, and Wraith Burn.
  • It is possible for a Nemesis to have Combat Master, Monster Slayer, Invulnerability to Stealth and Invulnerability to Ranged. If this is the case, then they will have a Weakness (e.g. Fear of something, which when triggered, disables many immunities). Alternatively, arrange to have him attacked by other Uruks (order your Branded Captain's group to attack the target, then kill all his followers, leaving him massively outnumbered to be beaten to death). Whether due to Fear or due to low health, once his indicator is green, either Brand him or cut his head off, to guarantee the threat is removed.
  • Any Nemesis with Combat Master (immunity to sword attacks) will always have at least one weakness, be it a Vulnerability, Fear, or a Damage Weakness.
  • Warmonger and Dark tribe bonus doesn't work with other orcs.
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