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Nameless Things is a sword quest in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.


"When night fell, his troops were being taken by Ghûls. Alone he descended into their foulest hive and slew every beast, including their matron."



  • Spamming Wraith Flash will allow you to quickly dispatch the hordes of Ghûls. The bonus is quite easy to accomplish, as there will often be at least ten Ghûls around you.
  • Using roll/dodge will also be of great benefit. The poison will slowly wither away at your health if you are not careful.
  • If you have the Throwing Daggers ability, you can quickly dispatch Ghûls before they reach you.
  • At the end, you have to fight a Ghûl Matron. She is immune to stuns and is generally a nuisance to bring down. Kiting and dodging is all you can do, while quickly working in an attack here and there. Executions work well also.
  • A caragor may be found in a cage nearby the forge tower close to the cave. If this caragor is drawn to you and dominated it can be used to help fight off the Ghûls. It is also very effective against the Ghûl Matron.

Did You Know?[]

  • Ghûls are feral, nocturnal beasts that plague the dark nights of Mordor. They live in damp, fetid places or in underground lairs, and only emerge from their nests at night when they swarm in packs to bring down prey. Ghûl Matrons are the taller, toxin-spitting Ghûls that serve as the hive leaders for their kind.
  • Talion is just one of many of the legendary swordsman in the history of the world of Men throughout Middle-earth; including Aragorn, a ranger from the north who would late become the king of Gondor, Boromir, Captain of Minas Tirith, Eomer the leader of the Riders of Rohan, etc.