The Númenórean Gauntlet is a wrist-worn device made by the Númenoreans in ancient times, composed of a grappling hook, a retractible shield, and a crossbow. It was rediscovered by the Dwarf Torvin, with one given to Baranor of Minas Ithil to aid him in his quest with the Vanishing Sons in Lithlad during Desolation of Mordor. All upgrades, produced for the device by Torvin from artifacts around the region, do not have official names, but instead ones approximated by Torvin himself.


  • Great Huge Spring Smasher (Mighty Shield)
  • Big Stoatin' Fire Tank (Blazing Shield)
  • Rectractable Extra Deadly Bits (Fatal Counter)
  • Wee Enormously Powerful Power Increaser (Chain Kills)
  • Inline Toxic Death Dispenser (Wormrot Oils)
  • Integrated Inferno-Hurling Launcher (Númenórean Fire)
  • Horribly Sharp Chain Razors (Cyclone)
  • Fabulously Complex Chain-Reel Drive (Grapple Pull)
  • Improved Hook with Hinged Movable Bits (Catapult)
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