Morgoth is a character who is indirectly referenced and occasionally mentioned in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

A Vala who rebelled against his creator, Morgoth was the first Dark Lord of Middle-earth, responsible for marring Arda at the beginning. After his defeat, Sauron became the Enemy of the Free Peoples and the second Dark Lord. 


Failing to learn to master the Flame Imperishable, Morgoth rebelled against his creator Eru Ilúvatar, waging a conflict to defeat the other Valar, while he attempting to corrupt Arda's very matter and destroy it. Using armies of Orcs, Balrogs and other foul creatures, Morgoth began his wars upon the Free Peoples and would have achieved victory, if not for his defeat at the hands of the Host of Valinor. With his fall, Sauron, his former lieutenant, set himself as the second Dark Lord and strove to enslave all of Arda's beings.

In the "Shadow of " SeriesEdit

Morgoth himself does not appears and is only fleetingly mentioned throughout the series, some of his legacy is crucial to the plans of Sauron and his ambitious servant, Zog. The Uruk Necromancer initially planned to build an undead army for his master to reclaim all of Mordor and vanquish the Bright Lord. 

As the Balrog Tar Goroth, who had served as a general of Morgoth's forces, was stirred by the forging of the New Ring, Sauron began to stoke its flames and make plans to harness it for his armies. To this end he sent Zog and his Acolytes to call it from the molten pits of Gorgoroth and potentially recruit him. But the necromancer only succeeded in waking Tar Goroth , prompting the demon to rampage throughout Mordor before it was defeated  in Seregost by the combined might of TalionCelebrimbor, and the Spirit of Carnán.

Still seeking to further the goals of Sauron, Zog used necromancy to resurrect the Archers of Morgoth, an elite division of the First Dark Lord's marksmen. This was also foiled by the trio who killed the archers. Not long after, Zog would betray his master and attempt to reawaken Tar Goroth, certain he could assume control of him and use him to rival the Dark Lord. However, the necromancer was killed when Talion interrupted the ritual.

In Blade of Galadriel, it is revealed that at least one of Morgoth's elite archer is still alive: Ogg, an orc marksman from bygone age who looks down on anyone who holds allegiance to Sauron. He sees the Second Dark Lord as a base impostor of the First (and for him, the only real) Dark Lord. Ogg's hatred for Sauron is strong enough for him to willingly forge alliance with the elven assassin Eltariel despite Morgoth's hatred for the elven folk.


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