Morgoth, once named Melkor, was the first Dark Lord of Middle-earth and once the master of Sauron who eventually became the second Dark Lord.

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He waged war against his creator Eru Ilúvatar and the Valar as he attempted to corrupt Arda's very matter and destroy it. Using vast armies of Orcs and other foul creatures, Morgoth began his wars upon the Free Peoples and would have achieved victory, if not for his defeat at the hands of the Host of Valinor. With his fall, Sauron, the greatest of his servants, set himself as the second Dark Lord and strove to enslave all of Arda's beings.

In the "Shadow of " SeriesEdit

Morgoth himself neither appears nor is mentioned throughout the series, although some of his legacy is crucial to the plans of an Uruk necromancer, Zog, who attempted to rise in power during the same time Talion and Celebrimbor run their conquest against Sauron.

Zog first attempted to revive and assume control of Tar Goroth, a Balrog who once served within Morgoth's forces. But Zog only succeeded in waking him, prompting the fallen Maiar to rampage throughout Mordor before it was defeated by TalionCelebrimbor, and the Spirit of Carnan.

Later, Zog used necromancy to resurrect the Archers of Morgoth, an elite division of the first Dark Lord's marksmen. This was also foiled by the trio who killed the archers. Zog would later attempt to reawaken Tar Goroth, but he failed, and was killed when Talion interrupted the ritual.

In Blade of Galadriel, it is revealed that at least one of Morgoth's elite archer is still alive: Ogg, an orc marksman from bygone age who looks down on anyone who swore loyalty to Sauron. He sees Sauron as a base impostor of the First (and for him, the only real) Dark Lord. Ogg's hatred for Sauron is strong enough for him to willingly forge alliance with the elven assassin Eltariel despite Morgoth's hatred for the elven folk.


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