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Morgai Flies are a parasitic insect species found in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

These small, bee-like creatures are spies of Sauron and can be found protecting their hives throughout Mordor, while also ostensibly watching over the Uruks.


While they will not attack Talion nor the Uruk army on sight, they will become frenzied when their nest is disturbed. Cutting a hive from its supports or using Azkâr to shoot one down will result in scaring away all common Uruks, as well as triggering a Nemesis' fear or hatred of them.

In-Game Description[]

With Mordor's predilection for leaving the recently deceased without a grave, Morgai Flies have become a mainstay throughout the region. Their nests can be found hanging anywhere there might be flesh to be had, and any disturbance to these nests sends the insects into a frenzy. When this happens, the malevolent creatures swarm, working in concert with one another, creating a relentless, stinging mass powerful enough to overwhelm even the most heavily-armored Uruk.

The red markings on their back are reminiscent of the blazing Eye of Sauron, suggesting that these creatures are extensions of his dark spirit.


  • Morgai Flies are also featured in The Return of the King where they appear to be the only wildlife in Mordor at the Time.