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Minas Tirith (Tower of Guard/Tower of Vigilance) is the current capital city of Gondor and found in Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Originally named Minas Anor (Tower of the Sun) it was the counterpart of Minas Ithil (Tower of the Moon), both of which flanked the old capital of Osgiliath (Citadel of the Stars) to defend it from the West and the East. Tragedies over the centuries, such as the Gondorian civil war and The Great Plague, decimated the population of Osgiliath and the city fell into ruin, forcing the King to move the government permanently to Minas Anor. When Minas Ithil was later conquered by the Nazgul and renamed Minas Morgul (Tower of Black Sorcery), Minas Anor was renamed Minas Tirith to indicate that since the fall of Minas Ithil, Minas Tirith assumed the role of guarding Gondor against Mordor's forces.
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