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Minas Ithil is a location within Gondor found in Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

After falling to Sauron's army, Minas Ithil comes to be known as Minas Morgul.


Minas Ithil was founded in the Second Age by Anarion as a fortress to defend Gondor from Sauron in Mordor. Anarion made his home in Minas Ithil, while Isildur dwelt in Minas Tirith. In front of his house, Anarion planted a sapling of the White Tree, which Isildur had rescued from the Downfall of Númenor, and in the tower was kept one of the Palantíri called the Ithil-stone.


Minas Ithil is first seen during Part 1 of the game. It is under siege by Sauron's army and is losing the middle city. After several missions in the region, The Witch King of Angmar (now revealed to be leading the assault) burns down the gate to the upper city and his army pours in. During the chaos he enters the main tower to receive the palantir from his spy Castamir. After the death of Castamir and Talion's escape from becoming a Nazgul, The Witch King used the palantir to inform Sauron that the city had fallen. To reward his servant Sauron gave Minas Ithil (now renamed Minas Morgul) to the Witch King as a prize.