Medallion Half 2, The Two Trees of Valinor is an artifact that can be found in Sea of Núrnen.


The Medallion Half 2, The Two Trees of Valinor artifact can be found at Celon Poros, in the western part of Sea of Núrnen. Between 2 rocks on the map.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Shattered Medallion Half, The Two Trees of Valinor, circa 3430

The Elves of Eregion crafted wonderful medallions, tokens they carried into battle for inspiration and to remind themselves of their history. This particular artifact, representing the fabled Two Trees of Valinor, appears to have been split by a particularly wicked blade wielded by a powerful foe. Its missing half may have been carried off to distant lands.

Memory AudioEdit

"I'm sorry. His wound was too great. I had thought…

You stayed with him. It is enough.

Here. He'd probably want you to have it. It's broken, but…

No, human. You keep it. These are ancient things, those trees. We watch them wither and die with the cold, but always they return. We see strength in their roots and hope as they stretch into the light. Let this token remind you of the Elf you tried to save, and of the bond between your people and mine."

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