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Lithariel, the Warrior Commander of the Tribesmen of Núrn is a character in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. She is the daughter of Queen Marwen.

In-Game Description

Lithariel is the daughter of Lady Marwen, Queen of the Shore. As an infant, she was the only survivor of a trading ship which fell prey to the raids of the Tribesmen. Queen Marwen adopted the infant as a daughter and she is now the first in line for the throne.

No one questions Lithariel's authority. She grew up quickly among the Tribesman and has taken their values as her own. A tough warrior, she is resourceful and honorable to a fault. She has never surrendered in a battle, even when it cost those following her their lives.


  • Lithariel is also a playable character through a free DLC pack WB gave after the game's offical release.[1]
    • The vocal audio does not change while wearing the Lithariel skin. The efforts and dialogue are still that of Talion while playing the game, making the Lithariel skin a purely aesthetic change.
  • It is implied that Talion had a romantic interest in Lithariel, as she reminded him of his deceased wife, Ioreth. However, he never acted upon his infatuation, focusing instead on defeating the Black Captains and avenging his murdered son and wife. It is also implied that Lithariel had the same feelings.