Light of Galadriel Shadow of War Cosplay Guide

The Light of Galadriel on Eltariel's hand with the Huntress rune.

The Light of Galadriel is an artifact formed of Elven craftsmanship that Eltariel carried into Mordor in her role as the Blade of Galadriel.

The artifact takes the form of a bracer that wraps around four fingers of the left hand as well as on a ring placed upon the middle finger, with a rune centered upon the palm.

Using the Light of Galadriel, Eltariel is capable of enchanting her attacks with light magic to force back the various creatures of Mordor or heal herself in lieu of using the Wraith-based abilities of the New Ring for either. She is also capable of modifying its effects through the use of Runes to be geared toward fire, poison, frost, beasts, or to intrinsically enhance its connection to light.

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