Lethal Shadow Strike is a Wraith ability in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

It grants the power to use Shadow Strike to teleport to an enemy, and upon arriving, instantly killing the target.

Tips Edit

After obtaining the ability, it can be used separately from the main Shadow Strike ability, which can be useful if one has to move to a far-off foe, but doesn't intend to kill them, for example for purposes of Dominating a Worm.

As with Shadow Strike, it costs two Elf-Shot to use this ability, and it will be unusable if Talion does not have the required amount.

This ability always results in a decapitation, and can therefore be used to permanently kill low-health Nemeses, as long as they do not have the "Immune to Ranged" Strength, though this can be negated through exploitation of possible Fears.

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