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The Legendary Graug.

The Legendary Graug is a member of an unknown subspecies of Graug encountered in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.


This fearsome beast has haunted the land of Mordor for many an age. Around a decade before Talion's murder at the hands of the Black Captains, it was responsible for the death of Gorvin, brother to the dwarf and master hunter Torvin. Spending that decade in pursuit of the mighty creature, picking up his share of scars and trophies, the embittered Dwarf longs for the day when he can claim the Graug's head as his last great hunt.

After encountering the doomed Ranger Talion, Torvin trained him in the ways of the hunt, constantly relaying his belief that harnessing the beasts of Mordor will prepare his student for facing the Graug. Eventually tracking the beast to its lair in the Sea of Nurnen, the Dwarf is, unfortunately, immediately incapacitated, leaving Talion to face the monster alone. Managing to overcome it, Torvin jumps in at the last second, distracting it for the Ranger to cut it down, ending the legend of terror for good, and giving the dwarf a nice, big trophy to take home.

In-Game Description[]


The legends tell of a Graug towering over all others, a thirty-foot tall monstrosity whose shadow covers half of Mordor and can grasp an entire forest in its fist. Perhaps, as those who speak of it have suggested, this is no monster at all but a demon of stone and fire, a Balrog, given flesh.

If such a monster exists it would be a magnificent prize for the Uruk Warchiefs gathering in Mordor. The Dark Lord knows of its existence and plans to harness it for his armies. A Graug of that size could turn the tide of any battle.